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This from our friends at WASLCA:

Dear supporters of language access to essential services,

WASCLA and OneAmerica are working together to make sure that everyone in Washington can get emergency notifications in a language that they can understand. It can be a matter of life and death, and we need your help now!

On May 16, 2017, Governor Inslee signed SSB 5046 into law, mandating the translation of emergency notifications. This is a big step in the right direction–thanks in large part to the tireless advocacy of  concerned individuals and organizations like yours–but we have one final hurdle to clear. Because of a null and void clause, in order to take effect, the law needs funding from the State Operating Budget by June 30!

We are asking partners and allies to sign on to the letter below requesting funding from House budget negotiators. Will you and/or your organization sign on? If you support funding to translate emergency notifications into languages other than English, please add your name here by 5pm on Tuesday, June 6th.   

Support local organizations that help immigrants and refugees. They need your help more than ever. Volunteer, donate, or support a refugee family. Find volunteer opportunities here.


twitter_bird_logo_2012_svgTweet how you and your community welcomes refugees and immigrants, using #WeAreAllAmerica.

Call and thank your mayor and other local officials who are supporting immigrants and refugees, or urge them to do so. Here’s a list of proclamations, resolutions, and formal statements made by the cities of Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, and Sammamish.

Here is a template for you to use.thankyou-1024x538

shutterstock_148735430Support voices of reason. Call Republican officials nationwide who speak out against unjust and unfair immigration policies that go against what this country stands for. Let them know they are doing the right thing and have your support.

Write an op-ed for your local newspaper opposing the Executive Order restricting immigration. Share how refugees and immigrants are important contributors to our community. Here are some tips for writing an op-ed. df02d9f57027c22a1353232898bf035e