Medicine for Hate: An interactive conversation hosted by the Wellness Professionals Network and presented by Pam Orbach.

Friday, June 2, 10:45-1:00

Redmond Library, meeting room 2: 15590 Ne 85th St. Redmond, WA

  • Do you feel powerless when you hear hate speech, or witness acts of hate?
  • Are you struggling to find a way to engage with the current political polarization at the dinner table?
  • Is there disconnection from people you care about, because their views are difficult to hear?

Learn how Non-Violence Communication tools can support your ability to be a more effective advocate and ally.

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A supportive community is vital to a healthy society. Community Matters gatherings are opportunities for people of all cultures, races, faiths, and gender identities to connect and converse about wellness and everything that entails; personal wellness, family wellness, and wellness in the world. How do we foster a vision of a wellness community that cares for all, with an understanding of our deep and profound connection to each other? Our intention is to create a forum for real-talk, in-person conversations in a space that is safe and respectful.

Together, we can make the difference within ourselves that we wish to see in the world, by taking responsibility and showing up, one conversation at a time. It is through direct, willing engagement that we heal ourselves and the world.