is to support and equip East King County communities to be welcoming, equitable, and inclusive.

We are immigrants. We are the children of immigrants. We are native U.S. born residents.

We are a coalition of individuals, organizations, and cities who care deeply about making sure our East King County communities are safe and welcoming for people of all backgrounds and abilities.

We are people of color, white allies, and people who are learning about how to build relationships across differences.

We are deeply curious about our similarities as well as the ways in which our differences contribute to creative solutions, meaningful relationships, stronger local economies, and healthier communities.

We believe better decisions are reached not only when diverse cultures come together, but when diverse sectors partner together to address community challenges.

We value shared leadership. Our ability to be effective requires us to practice and model long-term, sustainable leadership that’s representative of the diversity in our region.

We are invested in creating a culture of welcoming for both newcomers and established community members. All voices are critical for defining, implementing, and sustaining “welcoming” policies and practices.

14440683_10154617471003724_8994929428797555823_nCo-Founder and Executive Director

Debbie Lacy co-founded ERIC in 2002 while she was the Director of Outreach at Youth Eastside Services in Bellevue, WA. Debbie led the grassroots coalition through its formation and initiated a community needs assessment for Eastside immigrants which resulted in the Eastside Cultural Navigator Program. At the end of 2015, Debbie stepped into full-time leadership for ERIC as its Executive Director.

Debbie has a Masters of Social Work from the University of Maryland with a background in clinical psychology, social psychology research, race relations, and intercultural competency.